Oh My, This Is Awkward

She felt it again, the relentless poking on her right should blade, but she refused to turn around and give her tormentor the satisfaction. Instead she leaned forward, putting her right elbow on the desk, check resting on her palm, body leading forward, directed toward the teacher, hoping that would be the end of it. No sooner had she let out a sigh of relief, when she heard the scraping of the desk behind her inching closer. She held her brealth, trying not to let her bully know that she is getting on her nerves. Mentally, she goes over her game plan, " Okay if she pokes me again I am going to turn around and tell her off!" The only problem was, it's her first day in an American school and she did not know a lick of English! She realized she had no choice but to use the universal language to communicate her exasperation! As soon as she felt the finger dig into her shoulder, she turned around, crossed her eyes, stuck out her tongue and scoot her desk away.


2 thoughts on “Oh My, This Is Awkward

  1. Khampha

    Sabaidee Apush Teacher. I love your site and the invaluable information you provided. Thank you for being an inspiration and support to our Lao community. Our Lao people have a lot of talent and intelligence but because of lack of role models and a strong community network, our youngsters are lost. I hope more and more people and professionals like yourself will join hands and take an active role in bringing mentorship and guidance to our young generation. You’re a great asset and thank you for all that you are doing for our community.

  2. APUSH Teacher

    Sabaidee Khampha. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I love hearing from other people especially Khon Lao. I agree with you that our Lao people has a great deal to offer and we need to showcase that. The younger generation needs to know that they have great role models within the community they can look up to. The only way any culture is going to continue is if we pass on our knowlege, ideas and traditions.

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