Fit to live

It has been four months since I have gone to the gym consistently. I have been trying to get back on track but it’s been tough. Every time I try to go back something always comes up. Lack of motivation is a big part. I miss doing cycling, yoga, zumba, tai chi, and pilates. All I know is I’m not fit to live. What I mean is that if there was a natural disaster I wouldn’t get very far! If I was being chased by a dinosaur or a rabid dog, I’m shit out of luck! I need to to get back in shape! I need to hear some inspiring stories. So if you have a great weight loss story tell me about it.


2 thoughts on “Fit to live

  1. amphone

    You ran the half marathon. Why not do that again? Sign up for the next run and go for it! It’s good way to force yourself to get back to training.

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