Do social network lead to more cheaters?

As many of you are quite aware, there has been a rise in the number of people getting caught cheating because of the social network. Some are dumb enough get caught because they post information about their secret rendevous or their activities online. It amazes me how some of the cheaters would go as far as posting pictures online. Maybe they want to get caught. Whatever their reason, for exposing their business online, they act shocked when they do get caught. Some people even act innocent, like Anthony Weiner who sent pictures of himself to different girls and when he got caught, he acted so shocked. He even denied any wrong doing even when there is hard core proof. In desparation to hide the truth from his wife, family and associates, he went so far as to hire a private detective to look into the matter. Why would he do this especially when he knew he was guilty? It is probably because he is trying to save face.

Are the social networks to blame for the rise in numbers of cheaters? Or would people cheat no matter what? Are people likely to cheat because their emotional or their physical need is not being met? What would be the worst way to find out that your mate is cheating on you?



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