Breast implants on the rise

According to the article, ” A Decade of Boosting Breast Size” by Tara Parker Pope of the New York Times,  “Breast implant operations have surged 40 percent in the past decade, with nearly 300,000 women last year opting to increase their breast size”. These operations include lifts and not just implants. Interesting the author noted that, “By contrast, nose jobs, liposuction and lip augmentation are all on the decline”.  This makes me wonder what is responsible for the shift? Is it because big boobs will draw more attention than a nose or lip job or liposuction? Is there more emphasis put on big boobs as the ideal feature? At least that’s what it seems like based on commercials, print ads, movies, magazines, and TV shows. We seem to be constantly inundated with images of big breasted women.

Breast implants among the Laotian women seem to be on the rise as well. Before it was nose jobs and now that obsession has been replaced by breast implants. While our nose has gotten smaller our boobs have gotten bigger! Which surgery changes our ethnic look more? I’m sure many people would say rhinoplasty changes our face more than breast implants. However, increasing our breast size dramatically seems to make us seem less  unique and more like khon kao. Of course, I know breast comes in different sizes for all people, but the rise of fake boobs in the Lao community seems sad somehow? Why are more Lao woman getting breast implants? I’m not here to judge, just want to understand because when I was a teen, I never saw one Lao person with breast implants. Are Lao women likely to have breast implants because:

1. It makes them feel more attractive

2. They do it because they think it will get them more attention

3. They do it because of negative experiences from past relationships

4. Are they getting more pressure from Lao men to have bigger breast?

Ladies, if you are going to bet breast implants, do it for yourself and not because someone wants you to.


5 thoughts on “Breast implants on the rise

  1. I’m not asking you to change, I’m saying that I like you just the way that you are.
    I look at this whole “plastic surgery craze” from a spiritual perspective… when we look at someone from across the room, 98% of information gathered happens at a glance. The body you came into this world with, matches the energy signature of your spirit. When someone has plastic surgery done and it changes how they look, we pick-up on that in the instant that we glance, and some people look a little scary. Of course I can understand if someone needs plastic surgery because of an injury.
    So I agree with you in “embracing the beauty that You Are”.

    1. APUSH Teacher

      Chris, I understand what you are saying. I do believe that all of us have our own aura and energy. I can see how you would think plastic surgeries can disrupt that flow. I don’t believe we should alter our body with surgeries unless it’s a life saving surgery that is needed. However, I do concede that sometimes breast implants is a good thing. For example, one of my friends, had breast cancer and they had to remove both of her breasts due to the cancer. She did decide on breast implants later to replace the ones that were taken from her. So there are some circumstances where I can see why some women opt to do that.

  2. I follow the spiritual path myself but I also work within medical tourism in Thailand and as such I look after many patients who choose to have cosmetic surgery, especially breast augmentation. At first I was a bit skeptical about peoples decisions behind breast augmentation and was it simply to man their partner happy or fit in with what “society” portrays as beauty.

    In most instances I accompany women who are insecure about their bodies, they are afraid to take their clothes off, they cringe when they look in the mirror at themselves, they get depressed and develop low self esteem, even if only a little. All of these women after surgery glow with a happiness and a renewed sense of self esteem. Low self esteem and depression will have a bigger effect on ones aura and energy than the effects of the cosmetic surgery… AS LONG AS ITS DONE FOR THE RIGHT REASONS!

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