Dieting with Lao Food

Typical Lao food
Typical Lao food

I  have decided in my quest to drop some weight I will eat mostly Lao food. Two meals of the three will be Lao food instead of American food. Fortunately I am a good Lao cook so I will not have any problem except I will have to work on my portion control. Too much sticky rice and sausage is not exactly the healthiest food to eat. For example look at the portion on this plate, it is way too much for one person. I my defense I did share it with my kids.   I don’t know if I will lose any weight just mainly eating Lao food, but I am going to experiment and see. I will experiment with making healthier version of traditional Lao food. For example, using sharitaki noodles (low carbs)  instead of pho noodles when I make Pho.

I will  keep  you posted and uploaded with my recipe changes. Please feel free to share.


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