Exploitation of People Desperate to Loose Weight

Does this look familiar to you?
Does this look familiar to you?

The new year has just started but we are already being bombarded with commercials by Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach, Medifast, and many more diet companies,reminding us to get our fat ass off the couch and get going on our New Year’s resolution! For some of us procrastinators, we don’t even want to turn on the TV because we know there is going to be a weight loss commercial making  us feel guilty about devouring that  piece of stuffed crust pizza or that greasy leg of chicken. The bottom line is while the TV world is ready for us  to lose weight, we are still trying to persuade ourselves that today is the DAY where we will put down that pizza or chicken leg and take up that free weight peeking out from under the TV stand. And it doesn’t help that there are so many diet companies ready to take advantage of our desperation to drop that love handle we lovingly call our “side kicks”!

I consider myself pretty knowledgeable about diet fads considering I have been guilty of falling victim to so many that I have lost count. I have tried the 17 day diet, Atkins diet, cabbage soup diet, the 7 day cleanse diet  and the list goes on.  I have jumped on so many diet bandwagon that I am a regular customer at the front of that line. The conductor knows me by my name! You get the point.

Besides trying out the different diet fads, I have coupled it with several workouts from cardiokickboxing to Pilates to Yoga to cycling to weightlifting to Zumba to Tae Bo! The point is I’m still trying to find that right combo of diet and exercise that will help me get fit and make good on that New Year’s resolution! In the meanwhile, I will try to not fall prey to those diet companies out to exploit my desire to be fit and cute again! Hopefully, one day I can shout, “Eureka!” once I find that right diet and exercise combo!


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