Tougher gun laws equals safer schools?

As a teacher, when there’s a school shooting anywhere, I am reminded that my job can be dangerous. However, I don’t obsess over it or let fear rule my day because when the bell rings my students need my full attention. I don’t have time to sit there and think about what ifs especially when I have a roomful of high school students waiting for my instruction. It is my responsibility to impart knowledge not fear. However just because we teachers don’t sit around all day talking about school violence doesn’t mean we don’t think about it or wonder how we would react if we were in similiar situation as the staff at Sandy Hook Elementary. Because of the shooting at Sandy Hook, our principal have brought in the local police officers to go over emergency protocols that we are required to follow to prepare for such incidents such as a shooting. Every staff member are trained on what to do during different crisis such as a shooting, a fire, a bomb threat or a natural disaster. When we do fire drills, the police, fire department and emergency response team shows up as part of the exercise. We have team leaders and designated areas where we take our kids during bomb threats or fire drills. When we have a lockdown we lock our doors, turn off lights, and keep kids away from windows and doors. We have not have a shooting drill in several years but I’m sure we will soon have one since the Sandy Hook shooting. Also as a result of the shooting, many people want tougher gun laws. Will that really make our school safer? If not that then what will? Even with a more restrictive law, people will find a way to get the guns. What do you think?


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