In for a wax out with more than I asked for!

Anybody ever played Clue? If not the crime game is quite simple, you just have to figure out : Who done it? Where? and with What Weapon? During my recent shopping adventure to CVS, it felt like that game came to life. I had to figure out who the thief was, what did they steal and what did they use to put the merchandise in. I had to figure all this out without moving from the aisle where I was standing. I couldn’t see anything but I could hear everything because I was near the front entrance, in the hygiene section. There I was standing there in front of the shavers and shaving cream, with two different boxes of wax in my hands, trying to decide which one I was going to buy when I heard, “Girl, I have to get…” I looked up in direction of the voice and the first thing I notice was that the young lady had on a dress similiar to my black halter dress. The second thing I notice was that they were loud and walking to my left so I ignored them and went back to reading the description of the wax. I must have stood there for over five minutes before I heard a loud whack which sounded like somebody crashing into something. I listened tentatively and strained my ears, trying to figure out what that noise was when I heard, “Sir, sir what are you doing! Let me go! Why are you doing this to me?!” Then more struggling and upraised voices, “I got her!” Followed by, ” Sir that is mine!” Then, “I saw her stealing this!” Then, “Call the police” followed by more scuffling and crashing sound as the young lady pleaded, “Sir I did not do anything wrong, those were mine!” After more fierce struggling and heavy breathing, the second male voice said, ” Just let her go.” By this point I figure out that the young lady was accused of stealing and two gentleman caught her in the act.

When I heard the young lady said let me go I did try to look over the aisle and tried to see if she needed help and actually took a step in that direction before I realize that she was being accused of stealing. The reason I stopped was because I felt embarrassed for her and I thought she would not have appreciated me gauking at her during this humiliating event.

The police officers arrived as I walked up to the front with my box of wax, stepping over the scattered sales items in the bins in front. The store manager and civilian who was trying to make the citizen’s arrest, gave their statement telling the officers, ” We got her license’s plate number.” I paid for my wax and left.

Have you ever tried to make a citizen’s arrest? If you saw someone stealing like that male customer in the store, would you try to get involve?


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