Love through the eyes of Andrea Bocelli


Two weeks ago I received the best gift from my little sister, Khonnie. It was just an ordinary day for such a special gift and totally unexpected. It made me realize how much I love surprises and how much my sister knows me and remembers things I tell her. So here is the message she sent me on facebook that made my day in a stressful week.

“ you want to go see Andrea Bocelli in concert at Hollywood bowl on Sat..June 8..we will go up that morning and come back Sun..we are staying at Chateau Marmont..where all the stars go…let me know..I’ll buy your me after 8:30pm”.

I was besides myself with joy!! Was I going to say no to Andrea Bocelli and Chateau Marmont?! I think not especially when he is my favorite singer! I love Andrea because his romantic songs reminds me that I should never give up on finding true love that is passionate and all consuming. His songs expresses the many facet of love from the sweet to the passionate to the magical and even tragic.

Take his song Someone Like You, it expresses a love that is sweet and pure. Who would not want to be told:

For me if one dream can come true
Then I will love someone like you
In your eyes I see
A life that could mean so much more
With you next to me

How about Besame Mucho ( Kiss me a lot) which is a sad love song about the fear of losing someone you love. All of us can surely identify with this. I think it songs more sad and romantic when he is singing it in Spanish than English because the emotions he is expressing is not lost in translation.

Kiss me , kiss me a lot
As if tonight it was
The last time

Kiss me, kiss me a lot
Me who fears of losing you
Losing you afterwards

Here’s one of my favorite, one that resonates deeply in my heart and reminds me of the kind of love I want and need. Por ti Volare is simply heart wrenching and romantic. Reminds me of my favorite part of a man:  his voice.

When you’re far away
I dream of an horizon
with no words
and I know that you’re always there, there
A moon made for me
always illuminated for me
after me, after me, after me

For you I’ll fly
wait till I arrive
the end of my journey is you
to live just the two of us

I love this song he did with Sarah Brightman, Time with say goodbye. Their voices blend so well.

When you are far away
I dream of the horizon
And words fail,
And, yes, I know
That you are with me;
You, my moon, are here with me,
My sun, you are here with me
With me, with me, with me.

Time to say goodbye.
To countries I never
Saw and shared with you,
Now, yes, I shall experience them.
I’ll go with you
On ships across seas
Which, I know,
No, no, exist no longer






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