Kids as models

While going through the website, In the Loop, I came across a disturbing picture of a five year old modeling in a car show. The little girl had her hair fixed, make-up done, bikini and black boots on. I am deeply troubled by the portrayal of these little kids. I don’t see anything cute or normal about a little girl acting like she is a grown model. The shows general manager, Zhang Ping,doesn’t see anything wrong with kids posing in bikinis and doing car shows because there’s thousands of kids posing in bikinis on the Internet. I beg to differ and have to say that they are sexualizing these young girls!What kind of message are we sending out? That it’s okay for our children to act grown? Why are we rushing them through their childhood? Would you as a parent let your five year olds be models for car shows or magazines? Please go to the following link and tell me if I’m making too much ado about nothing. Simply click:


4 thoughts on “Kids as models

  1. I think you’re dead on. Its too close to exploitation of children, it forces kids to grow up too quickly, puts too much of an emphasis on their looks vs their intelligence and talents and personality. Not to mention the ever present issue of pedophiles pretty much being given an all you can eat buffet at these types of situations.

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