Lao Warrior

In 1975, my family and I cross the Mekong river over into Thailand. We would remain there in the refugee camp until 1979 when Highland Baptist Church sponsored my family. The first couple of years in America were challenging especially for us youngster who were bullied and discriminated against because of the way we looked, dressed and yes, even the way we talked. So I can definitely relate to Master Kenji Saykosy when he talks about wanting to create an anti bullying film. I think all of us can relate no matter what race or background we come from. Please donate what you can in his effort to make his film: Lao warrior from a dollar to five or more. Everything adds up. To find out more about this project or to donate, please go to:


3 thoughts on “Lao Warrior

  1. Linda Inthavong

    Thank you sis for your support. I knew i can count on you. Hope to see you soon. I miss dancing and make joke with you in PUBLIC lollll Love you

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