The two occupants of room 208 of Motel 8,solemnly stared at the anchor on TV, hoping what they were hearing was some sick joke. How could this be true? There was no prior warning! Can they really trust what the news anchor was saying? As they turned toward each other to ask this very question the news anchor urgently reported,

“The invasion is imminent folks…there is no way to say this. Prepare yourself. We dont know who or what there are. What we think of as aliens are actually extra dimensional beings that an earlier precursor of the space program made contact with. Our government has known about them for a long time. There are safe areas on earth that the government can move people to but…”

Before they could hear the rest of the statement, there was a loud and persistent pounding on the door, causing both the man and woman to jump up at the same time. The woman sat back down as her boyfriend walked to the door and slightly crack the door opened only to see the motel worker on the other side.

“We just wanted to tell you do not be alarm but the maintenance crew and I have started to board up the windows for your safety.”

The woman’s boyfriend nodded his head in silent concession and closed the door and slid the safety latch back on.

The woman fidgeted with the hem of her white bathrobe and jumped up to go to the bathroom, heading straight to the window to see if the workers completed their task. She could see that white clapboards were nailed over the window, leaving on slits of light filtering through. She peered through the slit and tilted her head upward towards the sky and a straggled gasp locked in her throat by the vision in front of her. A shaft of ebullient light slashed through the gathering dark, leaving a perfectly rounded hole in the heavens. At first she thought it was a comet streaking across the sky but what she saw defy logic. It looked like a massive horde of angels descending through the hole, guided by the brilliant simmering light. There were so many of them that they seem to be part of the light instead of separate beings. The woan was so intent on trying to make sense of what her eyes were seeing that she didn’t react to the whiteboard being ripped away from the window until it was too late. She found herself staring into two pools of pitch black orbs, no white to be found. To her horror, these invaders were no angels. These creatures were not here to save humanity from itself…it was her to devour, enslave or conquer. Too late she realize what the news anchor was trying to tell them.

***I was inspired to write this story from a dream I had last month. As for what the news anchor was saying I got that from a video posted be Dexxil called Area 51: The Frantic CallerArea 51



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