Online Dating: To Do or Not to Do?

Is it more difficult to find real love in the age of technology or is it much more easier? According to Consumer Ranking website(, the top five dating website is:, Zoosk,Eharmony,,and the latest, OurTime. Most of us are familiar with these sites because we either have been on them, seen advertisements or our friends and family have told us about them. However we have heard of them, we know it’s there as a first or last resort if we are too lazy, shy or desperate to go find love the old fashion way:stomping the streets. If we do decide to use those sites or even all of it, will that make us look desperate or just ready for love? One thing is for sure, all these online dating services are diverse in their offering in terms of age group, needs or wants when it comes to the type of dating you are interested in. I have never used any of those sites because knowing my luck, I would probably end up falling for someone with a fake profile! However one of my sisters have used several of this sites like and POF. Com(Plenty of Fishes)and she gives me the down low on the men on these websites. She says some men are too eager to be in a relationship while some are not. Some get upset when she tells them straight out that she is not interested in them and try to cajole or browbeat her into talking to them. One even told her that he is worth six million in an attempt to persuade her to give him a chance while another sent her a picture of his ex to show her that yes, he really does like Asian women and that he can get good looking women. While there are negative aspects of online dating she does however admit that she has met some nice and decent guys who lives up to their profile and are genuinely looking for love and commitment.

For those of us who are afraid of online dating, Molly Shapiro of ,”
Point, Click, and Love as well as the article, “Online Dating, Why Most Of Us Just Won’t Do It and Why We Should” says that most of us are afraid of online dating because: We think people will think of us as losers, everyone online lies, men who date online are scary, and the last fear, but I won’t have a good how we meet story! I have to admit she does alleviate some of my fears about online dating but doesn’t mean I will jump on those sites and immediately create a profile and then sit and wait anxiously for someone to tug on my fishing hook!

If you are interested in reading Shapiro’s article please go to:

Let me know what you think about online dating and any interesting stories you have.


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