Is forty the new twenty?

Sixteen and absolutely no sense of style
Sixteen and absolutely no sense of style
Me in the black dress at 23
Me in the black dress at 23
Me at 37
Me at 41, present day
Me at 41, present day

Have you all seen the movie Body Snatchers? With our current obsession with age and beauty it seems that many of us are turning into perpetrators and guilty of this crime ourselves! No longer is plastic surgery just for celebrities, the trend has trickled down to the common “man” and now anybody with the funds can have a little nip and tuck. They too can become Stepford Wives. Maybe not as mindless docile housewives but plastic Barbies with the perfect teeth and that ever youthful but store bought  body. As I have mentioned before in my other post about plastic surgeries, I know every woman has a right to do what she wants with  her body but all I’m saying is do it for yourself if it really is something that will make you feel better. However, why not try to be comfortable in your own skin however big, small or loose it is? Why try to change into something or someone that is unrecognizable?

In 2011  Vogue magazine urged their readers, Just take a look at the celebs who have just passed 40, or who left it behind long ago. They are more secure in themselves, more mature, more self-deprecating, wiser – but, most of all, more beautiful.”  Then they went on to describe how beautiful  stars such as Winona Ryder, Sandra Bullock, Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker to name a few. While I have to admit they look great and worked hard to look that way, I have to interject, that many of them are too obsessed with their diet and exercise in their quest to stay young. If they really have more matured and are secure why are they depriving themselves or interjecting their faces with botox?

Is forty really the new twenty? What exactly does that mean to you? Is it a state of mind? Is it just a passing phase or fad? Or maybe it is just an excuse for us to run out to the nearest plastic surgeon to regain some of that “youth” back? If we really are more matured, secured and feel more beautiful then why are we trying to go back to our past in terms of looks or behavior. What’s wrong with us being forty and admitting it and say this is me: flaws and all. Being forty means, accepting who you are without making any excuses or concessions.


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