Depression Part II: Intervention

I had just gotten a divorce,moved out with my two kids and enrolled in my Masters program when things got progressively worst for my brother after he was released from the hospital. I started getting more late night phone calls with him telling me he was stressed out because he wasn’t working anymore and he didn’t know what he was going to do about his rent. He was renting a loft for $1,200 a month which was easy for him to pay for when he was working. However, since he was in between jobs, he didn’t have any money. I told him I would send him my left over student loan money($3000) to help him while he was being interview at another pharmacy. At this time I did not have any clue that my brother was abusing any type of drugs. I thought he was just stress from working too much and depress from being away from the family. Much later I would find out that he had lost his license to practice pharmacy because he did not follow through and meet the conditions of the disciplinary actions taken against him by the Minnesota Board of Pharmacy for diverting controlled substance (pain killers) for personal use. This is probably what sent him into deep depression. He knew he had screwed up and let ten years of schooling and internship,down the drain. To this day I don’t know why my brother would risk his career or even resort to stealing pain killers. He is the most honest person I know so I was quite shock to discover this information.Unfortunately, things would escalate from bad to worse and it would take the law and professional help to get my brother on the road to recovery.


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