Facebook Gone Wild!

It seems like eons ago when Myspace was the cyber “It” place to be. However with the inception of FACEBOOK, Myspace became a forgotten relic, an empty space. Recently, Justin Timberlake, has contributed his own funds to revive the defunct beast in hopes of bringing people back to the space. Time will tell if his ambitious endeavor is worth the effort or worth the millions he has injected into the project of providing a place for music lovers.

Even though I am no longer on Myspace, I have considered going back to that familiar space due to the recent craziness I have seen on FACEBOOK. For example, sometime when I log on to FACEBOOK, I wonder if I had accidently enter a porn site due to the posting of naked pictures of women! I find myself asking, ” Where the hell am I?” Besides the frequent nude pictures of random people, there has been a rash of shock and awe type of photos of death or mutilation. For example, tonight when I logged on, one of the first thing I saw when I scroll down was a picture of a dead man with his privates mutilated! Seriously, why would you post something grotesque like that or pictures of nude people you know or don’t even know? Are you really starving for attention? Do you honestly think you will gain popularity or followers by shocking us? These are some of the questions that comes to mind when I am exposed to some of this ridiculousness. Yes, many of you are probably saying,” Don’t look then!” or ” It’s America we can do whatever we want!” While I understand that we all have a choice and can do what we want, I still think we should show some restraint. Just because we can say, do and be whatever we want, doesn’t mean we should. I am starting to think that FACEBOOK has been hijacked by Joe Francis, the founder of Girls Gone Wild because FACEBOOK has gone wild!

I find this commentary by an unknown person to be true when it comes to FACEBOOK.

“WELCOME TO FACEBOOK The place where people add you as a FRIEND but walk past you in the street. Where RELATIONSHIPS are perfect. LIARS believe they are telling the truth. Your ENEMIES visit your profile the most. Yet your FRIENDS & FAMILY block you. And even though you write what you are really thinking, Someone always takes it the wrong way… people think your status is for them when it’s not!”


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