Legacies of War

According to the advocacy site, Legacies of War, “During the Vietnam War-era, more than two million tons of unexploded ordnance were dropped on Laos. An estimated 30 percent of the ordnance did not explode on impact, leaving at least one third of the land across all 17 provinces contaminated by these deadly tennis ball-sized weapons.” Even though the Vietnam War ended n 1975, the unexploded ordnance is still wrecking havoc in the lives of the villagers in Laos. The fight to clear the UXO is arduous work and the organization, Legacies of War, are continuing that fight to raise awareness and take action. As a child of the Vietnam War, I support their effort in providing a safer environment and assistance for the villagers of Laos. I wrote this poem to raise awareness of the issue.

Fresh off the boat,
Are survivors, troopers,
Silent victims of the Vietnam War.
Displaced, homeless, country less.
Witnesses to the horror of,
Cluster bombs raining down on their homes.
Days of pounding, and heavy artillery rain,
Sad Legacies of War.

*** To find out more on how you can help clear the cluster bombs in Laos, please visit: http://legaciesofwar.org/.


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