Love is blind


I wrote this poem about a week or two ago in the middle of the night because I couldn’t sleep.Today when I was watching the show, “Scandal” I thought about how this poem is fitting for the episode I was watching which is about forbidden love. I call any relationship with a taken or married person, forbidden love according to the rules or norm of society. In the episode, one of the main character said something along the line of,” I was a coward not to wait for you to come along.” He is basically telling her that she is his soul mate and he regretted not “waiting” for her. He in a sense has given up on his dream girl because he didn’t think she existed. After he is married and has kids, his soul mate shows up but he is obligated to stay in his relationship. What would you do if you found your “soul mate” but they were already taken? How long would you wait for the right person? Do people settle for the next best thing because they think they will never find their ideal mate? I think as we get older and wiser, this matter of love gets more complicated and not easier. It’s not a simple matter of black or white, right or wrong. I wrote this poem to express the complication of love.

Love is blind
to reason
to morals
to time,
to anything except bringing two lost soul mates together.

Love is magical
it’s the one beautiful illusion we all fall for,
where there’s no room for logic or reason
just emotions, connections, and passion
consuming us like wildfire coursing through our veins.

Love is what we pray for, live for,
fight for, and die for.
It is the fairytale we secretly believe in.


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