How to make a woman happy


When it comes to making a woman happy, it is so simple that I don’t understand why some men still say that they don’t understand what a woman wants. If a man is interested in pleasing a woman he should: make her feel loved, desired, and accepted and she will pretty much do what you want. Don’t put a condition on these three things like, ” I love you but, or I think you hot but or I accept you the way you are but…” Don’t ever use that conjunction “but” when you are telling a woman those things because then you are making your love conditional. Most of the woman I have talked to say that they left their husband or cheated because they did not feel loved, desired or accepted by their man. For example, “Mary” a 53 year old divorcee I met in the summer told me that when she was married to her husband of 19 years, he never made her feel beautiful or appreciated. She said she never remember him telling her she looked pretty or nice or that he even noticed when she dressed up. As a result, the last three years of their marriage, she slept on the couch and didn’t want to have sex with him because he didn’t make her feel loved or desired. After she divorced him she had a hot love affair with a 26 year old who made her feel beautiful and desired even though she was a little overweight. Because of the attention he was giving her when she was overweight she wanted to look good for him and started exercising and taking better care of herself. She said, ” I couldn’t believe this hot young guy was telling me he thought I was beautiful and actually showed me every time he touched me. He didn’t care about my weight. He made me feel desired for the first time in my life. At first I thought he was faking it but then I realize that there were some men out there who really didn’t care about my size.”

Mary is not the only woman who have told me that they are willing to do anything for men who made them feel loved and desired. Another lady who is having an affair said, ” I got tired of telling my husband what I wanted. After so many years of being ignored and emotionally neglected, I stop trying to get his attention. Instead I gave in to a man who is not afraid to tell me he loved me or desired me or want to be with me. I know it’s wrong but I can’t help myself. Life is too short to not live it the way we want.”

Words are very powerful. Telling a woman she is beautiful and making her feel it can make a difference. Most woman knows when a man is lying by the way he expresses his feelings about her and by the way he touches her. So don’t fake it. We are not stupid. A man can make a woman and keep a woman happy when he shows her he loves, desires and accepts her unconditionally.


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