Are men’s magazine to blame for men’s obsession with the perfect woman?

One of the most popular men’s magazine is Men’s Health. It offers a variety of tips and advice on things we men and women are obsessed about such as: Fitness, Sex & Woman, Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Style and much more.I have to admit I even read this magazine and I’m pretty certain that many women read it as well. Obviously this magazine’s main objective is to cater to men and their interest. With article title such as, “The Sexiest Models in Men’s Health History”, it is no wonder that the online magazine gets a heavy amount of traffic. I even look to see who are these hot women and judge for myself if they are the sexy. I have to admit the women they picked are beautiful but also most of them are blond “bombshells”. I didn’t see any Asians, African Americans or any other noticeable ethnicity. This baffles me because I know there are tons of gorgeous ethnic women out there but yet they didn’t even feature one? I can’t really say I’m surprised by this lack of diversity because in most magazines the idea of beauty or what is sexy that is perpetrated seem to be the all “American girl” which equates to blonds with long legs, perfect body, long hair and big boobs. Before anybody gets mad, I’m not racist or a hater but this is just my observation. Also, I have to admit there are more magazines now today that features racially diverse models than a couple of years ago. However, the question I have is: Are men’s magazine to blame for men’s obsession with the perfect woman? Are men obsessed with blondes because that is mostly what are in the men’s magazine? Do men even care that the pictures are photo shopped, alter or modify to create these “perfect” images for their viewing pleasure? Is that why there is a rise in plastic surgery because women feel that they have to be perfect like these photo shopped women? What form’s a young man’s or young woman’s concept of beauty? Are magazines to blame for their unrealistic perception of beauty?

For those of you interested in seeing the photos of the sexiest women in “Men’s Health” here is the link: Men’s Health Magazine

If you want to see some samples of pictures of celebrities and models before and after photoshop, go to:


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