Are mediums fake?

Psychic business card
Psychic business card

I don’t know when my obsession with ghosts, spirits and the paranormal begun. I blame it on my childhood and growing up in a household where those things were discussed freely like the weather. In fact my mom would let us watch scary movies all the time when we were younger. Also she would answer any questions we had about ghosts and spirits. It is no wonder that I became obsessed with watching psychics and mediums like John Edwards, James Van Praagh and Sylvia Brown.

When friend asked if I wanted to go to a medium party I said yes. According to her the medium is very good and she can really channel spirits from the other side. I asked her, “Where did you meet this woman?’ She said, ” I met her at the Terror Con Convention in June.” Okay that got me interested because I love horror or paranormal movies and shows. I was thinking to myself, ” Okay if this medium was at the Terror Con she can’t be that bad.”

There were four of us who decided to get our reading done with the medium. My sister-in law went first and I decided to go last. When it was turn I went down to the basement and she asked me what my name was and if I wanted her to go over the whole ritual of how she does things. I told her, no, since she did that with us as a group. Then she sat there with her eyes closed and started rubbing on a white rock for about 3 minutes saying nothing. Then when she finally opened her eyes to look at me, she said, ” I sense a Tibetan monk around you, what is that about?” Right then and there, I knew this lady is a fake. First of all, I can tell where this reading was heading which is she is going to latch on the whole Asian mystic/culture thing and try to use what she knows about it to give me her “spiritual reading”. Anyway, my response to her was, ” I don’t know.” I decided there and then I was not going to “help” her reading by confirming or denying anything she says so she can use it to con me. For the next 5-10 minutes she kept talking about me giving respect to my ancestors and to teach my kids about cultural traditions. I felt like she was giving me a lecture about cultural norms and traditions then an actual reading. The bottom line is she was a horrible medium and I wasted $70. She sucked at cold reading. For example, she asked me, ” What’s up with the third child?” I responded, ” I don’t know.” Then she tried to get me to say more by prodding, ” Are you surrounded by kids or work with kids or do you have kids or do your kids have a friend who is over at the house a lot?” I had wanted to tell her, ” No shit Sherlock, there’s kids around me all the time because I’m a teacher”. However, I didn’t want to give her even that information because then she would use it for the cold reading. So I said, ” Yes there’s kids around.” Then she asked, ” Do you have kids?” I said, ” Yes.” Then she tried to have me confess to having a third child by asking delicately, ” I sense a third child around you, did you lose a child?” I said, ” Nope!” At this point, I think she took the hint that I was not going to make her job easy.

She did not connect to any spirits on the other side like she claim she could do. My poor dead grandma and family members probably cringed when they saw me sitting there with a rock and lavender satchels trying to connect with them through this crazy lady.

The only thing she said in the hour long session that was remotely interesting was she said a professional man named Kevin would give me a job. Last week I did email the principal of Lincoln High School about a Social Studies position and his first name was Kevin. I guess we will wait and see.

Lavender satchels and rock
Lavender satchels and rock

For those of you interested in the Terror Con for next year in Rhode Island, here is the link: Terror Con

Here’s John Edward on Dr. Phil. Pretty interesting, check it out:


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