Dumb Criminals!


Image taken from Opposing Views website:  http://www.opposingviews.com/i/society/citizen-journalist-team-uses-online-tools-pinpoint-isis-training-camp-photos


Many people have heard about the horrific beheading of the journalist, James Foley by the terrorist group, the ISIS. As recent as last Friday, President Obama has ruled this incident as a terrorist attack on the U.S. and is considering different options on how to retaliate against this militant group.  Maybe President Obama can consult with the investigative journalist group, the Bellingcat, if he wants to know the location of the terrorist group. According to the site, Opposing Views, “A group of citizen journalists was able to pinpoint the location of an Islamic State training camp using nothing but free internet tools.”  I’m sure right now the ISIS group is regretting their twits and scrambling to take down those damning pictures that lead to the Bellingcats’ discovery of their training camp. For the detail description of how the investigative journalist figure out the location using available internet tools such as Twitter, Flash Earth and Google Earth to locate these dumb criminals visit: http://www.opposingviews.com/i/society/citizen-journalist-team-uses-online-tools-pinpoint-isis-training-camp-photos.


*** I’m sorry if I offended anyone for call the ISIS dumb criminals but when it comes to heinous crimes like the beheading of journalists, I get a little heated.


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