Thanks for sharing!

Everyone knows that sex sell unless you are living under a rock or totally oblivious to everything around you.The majority of the popular ads, magazines, movies, books, and music centers around sex. In the movie,” Thanks for Sharing” they convey this idea by showing you flashes of huge billboards and magazines with sexy models posing in skimpy underwear. It is no wonder our society is so sexual or obsess with sex when everyday we are bombarded with these sexy images everywhere we go and everything we looked at.

The movie,” Thanks for Sharing” is definitely entertaining but informative at the same time. The movie stars Mark Ruffalo and Gwyneth Paltrow. It is about sex addicts like Mark’s character and the daily struggles he and others go through to say “sober” and not give in to the “disease” as he called it. I have to say it was actually a good movie because of the well developed and dynamic characters in the movie. I actually learned a great deal about sex addicts and their ‘proclivities”. Also the movie made me understand more about their struggles especially when one of the characters said ” Trying to quit being a sex addict is like trying to quit crack while the pipe is attached to your body.” This analogy definitely was effective and actually made me think how difficult it is for sex addicts to control their impulses.

After watching this movie, I have a better understanding of the struggles of a sex addict. Also, it made me wonder when our society become so center on sex? According to a stat from the movie, ” An average person thinks about sex 15 times a day.” Is that because we are living in a society that promotes sexual freedom and exploration?


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