Don’t be a lousy Lao person!


Traditional Lao dress, “Sinh”

You know what annoys me the most about  some Laotian women is when they make contradictory statements like, ” I am a traditional Lao woman” or “Have respect for our culture and not show off your body” but then they themselves proceed to post pics of themselves frolicking in a string bikini on the beach or pouting pics of themselves that pretty much says, ” Come get me.” I think that is being very hypercritical of other Laotian women who may not wear sinh everyday or traditional Lao clothes. You can’t lecture people about having pride in being a traditional Laotian woman while posting half naked pics of yourself on Facebook or other social media.


*** This picture was taken last year when my friend, pictured here, and I went to the public library in Providence to tell other people about Lao textile and give young kids the opportunity to try out some traditional clothes.

Besides, what does being a traditional Laotian woman mean anymore? Does that mean you sit at home cooking, cleaning, and obeying your husband? Well, some of us can’t afford to that that anymore, especially us, single mothers who has to work to feed and clothe our children.

And furthermore, what does being proud of your culture mean? Does it mean you have you walk around wearing sinh everyday?  Does it mean eating Lao food all the time?  Do people even know what Lao and proud mean?  We can’t tell other people,” Don’t be a lousy Lao person” when we are not perfect ourselves. Why don’t we try to just be a good human being everyday?


My friend, the president of LCC and my daughter, Anora  who is half Spanish and half Lao. We do our part in telling other people about our culture and ethnicity but we also are proud to be Americans.



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