First Year Teacher Experience


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Here is an interview one of my Education Profession did. I’m posting to give you a little insight into what teacher’s do,think or feel. 

First year teacher, Economics

1) Why did you choose teaching as a professional career?

In my case, I have wanted to be a teacher for a very long time (since 2nd Grade). The only other thing I ever wanted to be was a Power Ranger. At a young age, I just always appreciated what teachers did for students and the lengths they went to in order to see their students succeed. I appreciated it so much that I wanted to be able to do the same thing for others. I am very thankful that I get to live my dream.

2) Did you feel prepared to teach when you first started? What would you do differently if you were to start your preparation now?

Well this is my first year and I am going on my fourth week so I am still fairly new. At this point, I would have put all classes into a seating chart sooner, instead of waiting for my classes to shrink. This would have helped me get to know my students names faster.

3) How long have you been teaching? How long have you known this is what you wanted to do for your life’s work?

This is my first year. I have known I have wanted to do this since Second Grade.

4) What are the most difficult challenges you are facing right now? How can I avoid them?

The biggest struggle I am facing is keeping that boundary between teacher and student. Since I am not much older than my students, it is very important that I reiterate where that border is. Unfortunately for you, I do not think you can avoid that. You will be a young teacher someday as well. If you teach junior high or elementary it will be easier, but if you teach high school, this is kind of the way it is when you are young.

5) Do you have a mentor? Are you a mentor? If you are, how is this working out?

My mentor is Mr. Franz. He mentors all teachers within their first three years. It is going quite well at this point, he is always quick to compliment and offer constructive criticism to help myself and the other new teachers do our jobs better. I am not a mentor to any other teachers right now since I am new, but I do mentor/sponsor the freshman class. Right now, it is going well and I am very excited to see what those kids can do.

6) What types of professional development have you participated in as a teacher? Please describe your involvement in each of the following:

  1. a) professional organizations – I was a member of Kappa Delta Pi in college, an honor society for teachers. We met monthly and discussed issues in education and planned campus events for those interested in the field of education.
  2. b) teacher research – I have not done much research at this point-in-time other than researching my subject to present it better to students. I did a lot of research in college though on different educational theories that are out there.
  3. c) team teaching – I have never been in a team teaching situation. I did take an integrated Honors History and Honors English class in high school though during my sophomore and junior years. Sophomore year the team that I had teaching me worked phenomenally together. They knew what they were doing and did a lot of collaborating for the success of the classroom. Junior year, the team teachers were not nearly as close knit but still very qualified and really enjoyed their work.

7) What advice do you have for me as I think about becoming a teacher?

Always take mental notes on things your teachers do that you like and do not like. Also, always be gracious and observant to the teachers that welcome you into their classroom while you are working on your education degree. And never be afraid to use another teacher’s lesson plan in your classroom. The biggest thieves in the world are teachers as we believe you do not need to recreate the wheel. If the resources are out there and another teacher is willing to share USE IT!!!!


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