There is no Prince Charming so…

Recently Jennifer Lopez did an interview for InStyle magazine in which she  said, “I was waiting for Prince Charming. Everybody I met was going to be the guy I was going to spend my life with.” This comment reminded me of a conversation I had with my 17 year daughter a couple of months ago.


As a habit, we always sit in the car and talk after we get home from somewhere instead of going up to our apartment. Sometimes it’s because we are lazy or if there is a good song on the radio, we would say, ” Let’s sit for ten minutes or after this song then we will get down.” So on one of them nights, we were talking about her friends and how they were shock that she never had any types of relationship with anybody.

My daughter is 17, fixing to be 18 in February and has never had a boyfriend. In this day and age that is very RARE indeed. It’s not that she doesn’t want one or she’s holding out for her Prince Charming. And there has been plenty of guys who have liked her but either it was the wrong timing or the feeling wasn’t mutual. So as she was telling me about her how most of her friends already had sex or some type of fling or dating experience, I was thinking to myself, ” Thank God she hasn’t done none of those things because I am not ready to deal with that shit!” Before I even finished that thought she said, ” Mom I don’t think mothers should raise their daughters on the false promise that a Knight in Shining Armor or Prince Charming is going to show up one day and give them a happily ever after.” I cautiously asked her, ” You don’t believe in a fairy tale ending or believe in true love?” She replied, ” I believe in living in the moment and not think about what’s going to happen or if the relationship is going to last. Maybe the person that we are at this moment may not need anything more than just what we get or have with that person. Maybe down the road they may not be who we want or need and that’s okay.”  I nodded my head slowly while reflecting on my own beliefs and said cautiously ” I know what you are saying and I agree to a certain extent but I still believe in a happily ever after.” My daughter laughs at my typical and romantic response and says, ” Well, either there are no Prince Charming or mine got lost in the woods or got too lazy to find me so…”


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