900 Million!Biggest Powerball Frenzy!


Normally I do not buy the lotto because I never win anything. However, this time I jumped into the fray and joined others in the madness, in the dream of winning big.  I did not rush to buy the tickets though. First I ate my  military diet breakfast.


Then  I cleaned the house and made my daughter food and I. Not very appetizing lunch this time because we are on a our military diet  meal.

12499326_10153494616548386_554114526_o (1)

Then after I dropped her off at work, I went to buy the lotto at two different places. The first place was the Shaw’s Grocery store near my daughter’s work. Then the mobile gas station. After that I headed to my favorite sunset point.


I spent some time there relaxing and enjoying the cloudy weather which I call, ” love making” or ” booty weather”!:) I took a selfie to commemorate the occasion, in case I win.

12476760_10153494615923386_992945409_o (1)

So now I’m relaxing at Starbucks blogging instead of rushing home to wait for the drawing.  Yes it would be nice to win but even if I don’t win, I still have so many things that gives me pleasure like a beautiful day with my daughter, my solitary time at my favorite sunset spot and ending the night at one of my favorite places.  We don’t have to win the lotto to be happy. We can be happy now, everyday, doing things that don’t cost us money.




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