The Duck and Bunny


Cute little tea and sandwich place on Wickenden


The cupcake was okay but the sandwiches were good


Coconut truffle tea was on point!

One of my daughter’s favorite place is The Duck and Bunny in Providence. My niece had introduced her to the place and she loved it! So when my friend, Pooying had invited me to tea I was like, ” Yes, I get to check this place out!”  I have to admit, if I was not a teacher, I would be a secret restaurant critic! I pretend to anyhow! I think my experience as a waitress in college has made me more critical of what good food and service means. Just like with every place I go to, ambiance is important to me. In fact it’s the most important factor on my list of whether I return for a second time or not. I have to admit that the ambiance is great. I love the classy decor which strangely reminded me of a scene from Alice in the Wonderland.


Google image

The Tea room we sat in was nice and comfortable.


Google image

So ambiance great, service and food good. And yes I would go back there again.



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