Obsession with Asian Stores!


Banh Mi ( Vietnamese sandwich) and eggroll


International Sauces Galore!


Instead of using MSG, many Asian people have switched to that yellow chicken powder. o

This may sound crazy or weird, but one of the most important factor when it comes to me deciding if I want to move to a city is whether or not they have Asian grocery stores!  Since I absolutely love cooking, being able to have access to Asian stores is a MUST for me. This Vmart in Providence has everything I need for cooking a variety of Asian food. This may not be the nicest store I shop at, it is pretty affordable so it’s good enough for me. My only complaint is that the stock guy did not know much about Asian food when I had asked him where some things were. Poor guy he felt bad for not knowing what I was asking for. Since he didn’t know where the padek was, I looked for it myself!


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