Karma: What goes around comes around?

Shopping is a form of escape for some people, but for others it is another chore on their to do list.  As for me, it can be both.  There are some days I love to go shop and I’m not talking about for clothes.  I am one of those people who loves to look at things from electronics to books to plants.  Shopping can be therapautic sometimes and hectic at others.  It depends on the mood we are  in and how much time we have. Two days ago, I had to go grocery shopping so it was not really a choice, but a necessity.  I was in a rush to get it over with.  Because of my mad dash out of Walmart, I unknowingly dropped my bank card/Atm in the parking lot.  I didn’t even realize my mistake until a cop showed up to my door asking if I was so and so and if I was at Walmart an hour ago. While she was interrogating me, I was trying to remember if I accidently picked up something or forgot to pay or unwittingly committed a crime or was a silent witness to something.  All these crazy thoughts popped in my head.  After a minute, I nervously affirmed that I was so and so and yes I was at Walmart.  When she reached into a yellow envelope,  I stopped breathing and thought that she  had a warrant out for my arrest!  I don’t know why I was thinking that, since I am the most straight laced law abiding citizen.  I have never even gotten a ticket in my life just to prove to you all how upstanding I am! Anyway, when she pulled out my ATM/credit card and handed it to me , I was dumbfounded.  I looked at her like she was a magician pulling a rabbit out of hat and just stared at her blankly until she said a lady had found my card in the parking lot and turned it in to Walmart.  I don’t know if I was more shocked that I had actually not realize that I  had lost it in the first place or that someone actually took the trouble to walk back into Walmart to turn in my card.  I profusely thanked the police woman and told her to please thank the lady who had turned in the card.  That unknown woman could have easily used my card because it was a debit/credit card.  Also, I was lucky that an honest and kindhearted person had found my card instead of an unscrupulous person.  What happened reminded me of an event that happened seven years ago…

About seven years ago, I found an ATM card at the ATM machine at my bank.  When I looked around I didn’t see anybody in the parking lot or notice any car ahead of me so whoever used the machine did it before I got to the bank.  After I got money out myself, I rushed home and immediately looked for a phone book to see if I can locate the person whose name is on the card.  Luckily, they were listed in the phone book and I called them and the person whose card it was, picked up.  I explained that I was at an ATM machine at the bank earlier and I had found a card and asked the person if they was missing one.  The man told me to hold on while he went to go look and when he came back on the phone he said yes, sounding surprise.  Just to be sure it was the right person, I asked what his name was and he said his name was Matt… Then I told him my name and before I even finished he increduloulsy interrupted me and asked if I was Ana, his mom’s friend and co-worker ( I guess I have that distinctive Asian accent). I asked who was his mom and he laughed and said he would have his mom answer for herself.  When my friend Karen got on the phone I was the one who was shocked!  She confirmed that Matt was her son.  The reason why I didn’t make the connection was because Matt had his father’s last name.  My friend was divorced from the father so she had her maiden name. We laughed about the coincidence.

As some of you know, I really believe in doing good deeds and that we will be rewarded in ways that is not monetary.  I think it is interesting that out of hundreds of people who could have found Matt’s ATM it was me, his mom’s friend.  Then years later, someone kind and good found my ATM and returned it to me.  Does anybody share the same beliefs as me that what goes around comes around?  Any similiar stories? Please share, I’ m  really interested to know that I’m not the only one who has experience random acts of kindness.


2 thoughts on “Karma: What goes around comes around?

  1. I was hoping that someone would make a comment before me, but my was the opposite.

    I read a Thai article about people forgetting things, such as wallets and I thought to myself what were they thinking. Later that day I went to a Hmong Asian store to buy something and I saw a set of keys that also had the car key hanging above the cash register with a big sign ‘lost key’. I jokingly said to the owner how in the world that person got home, and he said that it had been there for over a week now. I paid for my stuff, and went to a grocery store, and when I went to pay, I couldn’t find my wallet…I forgot it at the Asian store. I went back to ask for it, he started laughing, went to the safe and got my wallet out. I was lucky that nothing was missing; I knew the owner was an honest man. I’m not sure what I was thinking, maybe I was thinking about the lost keys and lost wallets that I read about.

  2. Laotian Teacher

    That’s funny Ginger! I know what you mean about being absorbed in one thing and end up doing what you don’t want. I tend to forget things or what I was doing when I am exhausated from work! I think that’s why I talk out loud so I can remind myself what I’m doing or where I’m going. I am your classic absent minded “professor”.

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