The Pumpkin Patch in Rhode Island




Farm grew more than just pumpkins but during fall season they are known for their pumpkin patch!


Yes you could take your kids to a local grocery store to pick a pumpkin but somehow it’s not as fun or exciting!


Many choices to pick from!


Fresh farm grown veggies!


WE love the hayride to the corn maze!


My daughter and her Aunt just enjoying the ride and conversation.


Wet got our clues for the corn maze puzzles!


I reminded my children of the movie, ” Children of the Corn!”


My daughter,Anora reading the first clue and trying to solve it to get to the next!

Memories! Lots of them! One of my favorite things to give my children is happy memories so that when they have children of their own they can say things like, ” Your grandma used to take us into the corn fields and try to scare the shit out of us by leaving us there!” In all honesty, I was the one who was scared that some insane killer from the movie, ” Children of the Corn” was going to pop out and grab me! My kids were laughing at me for being paranoid that some crazy person was going to do an reenactment of the movie! They were more focus on figuring out the clues to the corn maze so we can find our way out! With a minor help from and Eagle Scout who happened to be at the corn maze, we were able to figure out the clues and got out of the maze! Okay it may have taken us two hours but hey we got out and I didn’t get jumped by any deranged person or scare scrow! It’s nice to be out in nature and hang with your kids instead of sitting in front of the TV.





Two things you should never rush!



Two of life’s greatest pleasure is sex and food! Gael Greene said,”Great food is like great sex.  The more you have the more you want.” I have to agree with him. These are the two things in life we should never rush: making love and eating! These two things should not be timed because both nourishes your body. Like the say, ” Why rush a good thing?”


Turn the lights down low, pull the covers back, get set and go!:)



There is no Prince Charming so…

Recently Jennifer Lopez did an interview for InStyle magazine in which she  said, “I was waiting for Prince Charming. Everybody I met was going to be the guy I was going to spend my life with.” This comment reminded me of a conversation I had with my 17 year daughter a couple of months ago.


As a habit, we always sit in the car and talk after we get home from somewhere instead of going up to our apartment. Sometimes it’s because we are lazy or if there is a good song on the radio, we would say, ” Let’s sit for ten minutes or after this song then we will get down.” So on one of them nights, we were talking about her friends and how they were shock that she never had any types of relationship with anybody.

My daughter is 17, fixing to be 18 in February and has never had a boyfriend. In this day and age that is very RARE indeed. It’s not that she doesn’t want one or she’s holding out for her Prince Charming. And there has been plenty of guys who have liked her but either it was the wrong timing or the feeling wasn’t mutual. So as she was telling me about her how most of her friends already had sex or some type of fling or dating experience, I was thinking to myself, ” Thank God she hasn’t done none of those things because I am not ready to deal with that shit!” Before I even finished that thought she said, ” Mom I don’t think mothers should raise their daughters on the false promise that a Knight in Shining Armor or Prince Charming is going to show up one day and give them a happily ever after.” I cautiously asked her, ” You don’t believe in a fairy tale ending or believe in true love?” She replied, ” I believe in living in the moment and not think about what’s going to happen or if the relationship is going to last. Maybe the person that we are at this moment may not need anything more than just what we get or have with that person. Maybe down the road they may not be who we want or need and that’s okay.”  I nodded my head slowly while reflecting on my own beliefs and said cautiously ” I know what you are saying and I agree to a certain extent but I still believe in a happily ever after.” My daughter laughs at my typical and romantic response and says, ” Well, either there are no Prince Charming or mine got lost in the woods or got too lazy to find me so…”

Don’t be a lousy Lao person!


Traditional Lao dress, “Sinh”

You know what annoys me the most about  some Laotian women is when they make contradictory statements like, ” I am a traditional Lao woman” or “Have respect for our culture and not show off your body” but then they themselves proceed to post pics of themselves frolicking in a string bikini on the beach or pouting pics of themselves that pretty much says, ” Come get me.” I think that is being very hypercritical of other Laotian women who may not wear sinh everyday or traditional Lao clothes. You can’t lecture people about having pride in being a traditional Laotian woman while posting half naked pics of yourself on Facebook or other social media.


*** This picture was taken last year when my friend, pictured here, and I went to the public library in Providence to tell other people about Lao textile and give young kids the opportunity to try out some traditional clothes.

Besides, what does being a traditional Laotian woman mean anymore? Does that mean you sit at home cooking, cleaning, and obeying your husband? Well, some of us can’t afford to that that anymore, especially us, single mothers who has to work to feed and clothe our children.

And furthermore, what does being proud of your culture mean? Does it mean you have you walk around wearing sinh everyday?  Does it mean eating Lao food all the time?  Do people even know what Lao and proud mean?  We can’t tell other people,” Don’t be a lousy Lao person” when we are not perfect ourselves. Why don’t we try to just be a good human being everyday?


My friend, the president of LCC and my daughter, Anora  who is half Spanish and half Lao. We do our part in telling other people about our culture and ethnicity but we also are proud to be Americans.


Get to the point!

According to the article,The Scientific Flaws of Online Dating Sites, in Scientific America: “Every day, millions of single adults, worldwide, visit an online dating site.The industry—eHarmony, Match, OkCupid, and a thousand other online dating sites—wants singles and the general public to believe that seeking a partner through their site is not just an alternative way to traditional venues for finding a partner, but a superior way. Is it?” This is a good question to think about. Online dating is one of the most popular way of finding someone but is it really the most effective way? I know many people who have used some of these sites and their feelings has been mixed. One young lady said, ” Many guys say that they want a relationship on their profile but when you meet them, they really don’t. They are grown men playing games and not really looking for anything serious.” To be fair that is just one person’s opinion. Another friend had a better experience. She said, ” I like and have met some nice men whom I have gone out for coffee and dinner with and that’s it. I like not having to commit more than I am willing to give.”

The bottom line is there are many dating sites out there that fits your level of interest. I guess you just have to take a chance to find an honest person who gets to the point and tells you exactly what they want. Because of the increase in online dating, does that mean we are more desperate, more lazy or just smarter? What’s more effective? Online or traditional?

Are men’s magazine to blame for men’s obsession with the perfect woman?

One of the most popular men’s magazine is Men’s Health. It offers a variety of tips and advice on things we men and women are obsessed about such as: Fitness, Sex & Woman, Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Style and much more.I have to admit I even read this magazine and I’m pretty certain that many women read it as well. Obviously this magazine’s main objective is to cater to men and their interest. With article title such as, “The Sexiest Models in Men’s Health History”, it is no wonder that the online magazine gets a heavy amount of traffic. I even look to see who are these hot women and judge for myself if they are the sexy. I have to admit the women they picked are beautiful but also most of them are blond “bombshells”. I didn’t see any Asians, African Americans or any other noticeable ethnicity. This baffles me because I know there are tons of gorgeous ethnic women out there but yet they didn’t even feature one? I can’t really say I’m surprised by this lack of diversity because in most magazines the idea of beauty or what is sexy that is perpetrated seem to be the all “American girl” which equates to blonds with long legs, perfect body, long hair and big boobs. Before anybody gets mad, I’m not racist or a hater but this is just my observation. Also, I have to admit there are more magazines now today that features racially diverse models than a couple of years ago. However, the question I have is: Are men’s magazine to blame for men’s obsession with the perfect woman? Are men obsessed with blondes because that is mostly what are in the men’s magazine? Do men even care that the pictures are photo shopped, alter or modify to create these “perfect” images for their viewing pleasure? Is that why there is a rise in plastic surgery because women feel that they have to be perfect like these photo shopped women? What form’s a young man’s or young woman’s concept of beauty? Are magazines to blame for their unrealistic perception of beauty?

For those of you interested in seeing the photos of the sexiest women in “Men’s Health” here is the link: Men’s Health Magazine

If you want to see some samples of pictures of celebrities and models before and after photoshop, go to:

How to make a woman happy


When it comes to making a woman happy, it is so simple that I don’t understand why some men still say that they don’t understand what a woman wants. If a man is interested in pleasing a woman he should: make her feel loved, desired, and accepted and she will pretty much do what you want. Don’t put a condition on these three things like, ” I love you but, or I think you hot but or I accept you the way you are but…” Don’t ever use that conjunction “but” when you are telling a woman those things because then you are making your love conditional. Most of the woman I have talked to say that they left their husband or cheated because they did not feel loved, desired or accepted by their man. For example, “Mary” a 53 year old divorcee I met in the summer told me that when she was married to her husband of 19 years, he never made her feel beautiful or appreciated. She said she never remember him telling her she looked pretty or nice or that he even noticed when she dressed up. As a result, the last three years of their marriage, she slept on the couch and didn’t want to have sex with him because he didn’t make her feel loved or desired. After she divorced him she had a hot love affair with a 26 year old who made her feel beautiful and desired even though she was a little overweight. Because of the attention he was giving her when she was overweight she wanted to look good for him and started exercising and taking better care of herself. She said, ” I couldn’t believe this hot young guy was telling me he thought I was beautiful and actually showed me every time he touched me. He didn’t care about my weight. He made me feel desired for the first time in my life. At first I thought he was faking it but then I realize that there were some men out there who really didn’t care about my size.”

Mary is not the only woman who have told me that they are willing to do anything for men who made them feel loved and desired. Another lady who is having an affair said, ” I got tired of telling my husband what I wanted. After so many years of being ignored and emotionally neglected, I stop trying to get his attention. Instead I gave in to a man who is not afraid to tell me he loved me or desired me or want to be with me. I know it’s wrong but I can’t help myself. Life is too short to not live it the way we want.”

Words are very powerful. Telling a woman she is beautiful and making her feel it can make a difference. Most woman knows when a man is lying by the way he expresses his feelings about her and by the way he touches her. So don’t fake it. We are not stupid. A man can make a woman and keep a woman happy when he shows her he loves, desires and accepts her unconditionally.