Waterfire Providence

One of my favorite event is the Waterfire in Providence. According to the Waterfire Providence website, ” WaterFire Providence® is an independent, 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization whose mission is to inspire Providence and its visitors by revitalizing the urban experience, fostering community engagement and creatively transforming the city by presenting WaterFire for all to enjoy.” Speaking from experience, I have to say they have accomplished their mission. Waterfire is a great family event where people from the surrounding states come to Rhode Island to sample the diverse food, music, and culture from all over the world. For more information about this event, please visit: http://waterfire.org/.


You can buy these star Lanterns.



Many diverse performers such as this Chinese musicians.


Nice food area.


There is a cool cauldron lighting ceremony which is the best part of the event.


Hundreds of people come out to see the lighting.



Make sure you wear comfortable walking shoes because you will be doing a lot of walking. If you are wearing heels it will be challenging to walk on the stone cobblestones.


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