Thanks Giving

As Thanksgiving approaches, I am reminded of the many things I possess that I am grateful for. Surprisingly it really has nothing to do with my material “wealth”, but it has everything to do with my emotional riches.   For people who have known me for most of my life, they know of my deep abiding faith in God to always be there when I need help emotionally, spiritually and yes financially.  I live my life following  two tenets:  if it is God’s will it will be done and if it is meant to be, it will happen.  I am not infallible so of course I have days or moments where I hop on the self-pity train with the rest of the world, but eventually I get off the next stop and continue again on the journey of life. I try not to focus on things that are out of my control and let it roll off my back because  it takes too much time and energy to change the things that is not meant to be like being a size 3 again!:) Oprah, once did a show on gratitude.  She said we should take the time to be grateful for what we have everyday. I have to concede it is something we tend to forget to do because we become so  engrossed in the many trials and tribulations of life that we fixate on the negative aspects. Here is a reminder to reconsider how we should view life.If one could only learn to appreciate the little things…

A song that takes you away, for there are those who cannot hear.
The beauty of a sunset, for there are those who cannot see.
The warmth and safety of your home, for there are those who are homeless.
Time spent with good friends for there are those who are lonely.
A walk along the beach for there are those who cannot walk.
The little things are what life is all about.
Search your soul and learn to appreciate.–Shadi Souferian

The best way to give thanks is by giving! You all know what I always say, what goes around comes around.  Here’s my idea of giving.

1.Lend a helping hand even to those you don’t consider your friends because your act of charity should be freely given to all.

2. Give yourself love and respect by thinking positive thoughts about yourself.

3. Change the world through good deeds and words. One person CAN make a difference.

I hope all of you have a Happy Thanksgiving and share your stories of charities whether you are the giver or the receiver.


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