Are mediums fake?

Psychic business card

Psychic business card

I don’t know when my obsession with ghosts, spirits and the paranormal begun. I blame it on my childhood and growing up in a household where those things were discussed freely like the weather. In fact my mom would let us watch scary movies all the time when we were younger. Also she would answer any questions we had about ghosts and spirits. It is no wonder that I became obsessed with watching psychics and mediums like John Edwards, James Van Praagh and Sylvia Brown.

When friend asked if I wanted to go to a medium party I said yes. According to her the medium is very good and she can really channel spirits from the other side. I asked her, “Where did you meet this woman?’ She said, ” I met her at the Terror Con Convention in June.” Okay that got me interested because I love horror or paranormal movies and shows. I was thinking to myself, ” Okay if this medium was at the Terror Con she can’t be that bad.”

There were four of us who decided to get our reading done with the medium. My sister-in law went first and I decided to go last. When it was turn I went down to the basement and she asked me what my name was and if I wanted her to go over the whole ritual of how she does things. I told her, no, since she did that with us as a group. Then she sat there with her eyes closed and started rubbing on a white rock for about 3 minutes saying nothing. Then when she finally opened her eyes to look at me, she said, ” I sense a Tibetan monk around you, what is that about?” Right then and there, I knew this lady is a fake. First of all, I can tell where this reading was heading which is she is going to latch on the whole Asian mystic/culture thing and try to use what she knows about it to give me her “spiritual reading”. Anyway, my response to her was, ” I don’t know.” I decided there and then I was not going to “help” her reading by confirming or denying anything she says so she can use it to con me. For the next 5-10 minutes she kept talking about me giving respect to my ancestors and to teach my kids about cultural traditions. I felt like she was giving me a lecture about cultural norms and traditions then an actual reading. The bottom line is she was a horrible medium and I wasted $70. She sucked at cold reading. For example, she asked me, ” What’s up with the third child?” I responded, ” I don’t know.” Then she tried to get me to say more by prodding, ” Are you surrounded by kids or work with kids or do you have kids or do your kids have a friend who is over at the house a lot?” I had wanted to tell her, ” No shit Sherlock, there’s kids around me all the time because I’m a teacher”. However, I didn’t want to give her even that information because then she would use it for the cold reading. So I said, ” Yes there’s kids around.” Then she asked, ” Do you have kids?” I said, ” Yes.” Then she tried to have me confess to having a third child by asking delicately, ” I sense a third child around you, did you lose a child?” I said, ” Nope!” At this point, I think she took the hint that I was not going to make her job easy.

She did not connect to any spirits on the other side like she claim she could do. My poor dead grandma and family members probably cringed when they saw me sitting there with a rock and lavender satchels trying to connect with them through this crazy lady.

The only thing she said in the hour long session that was remotely interesting was she said a professional man named Kevin would give me a job. Last week I did email the principal of Lincoln High School about a Social Studies position and his first name was Kevin. I guess we will wait and see.

Lavender satchels and rock

Lavender satchels and rock

For those of you interested in the Terror Con for next year in Rhode Island, here is the link: Terror Con

Here’s John Edward on Dr. Phil. Pretty interesting, check it out:

Are men’s magazine to blame for men’s obsession with the perfect woman?

One of the most popular men’s magazine is Men’s Health. It offers a variety of tips and advice on things we men and women are obsessed about such as: Fitness, Sex & Woman, Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Style and much more.I have to admit I even read this magazine and I’m pretty certain that many women read it as well. Obviously this magazine’s main objective is to cater to men and their interest. With article title such as, “The Sexiest Models in Men’s Health History”, it is no wonder that the online magazine gets a heavy amount of traffic. I even look to see who are these hot women and judge for myself if they are the sexy. I have to admit the women they picked are beautiful but also most of them are blond “bombshells”. I didn’t see any Asians, African Americans or any other noticeable ethnicity. This baffles me because I know there are tons of gorgeous ethnic women out there but yet they didn’t even feature one? I can’t really say I’m surprised by this lack of diversity because in most magazines the idea of beauty or what is sexy that is perpetrated seem to be the all “American girl” which equates to blonds with long legs, perfect body, long hair and big boobs. Before anybody gets mad, I’m not racist or a hater but this is just my observation. Also, I have to admit there are more magazines now today that features racially diverse models than a couple of years ago. However, the question I have is: Are men’s magazine to blame for men’s obsession with the perfect woman? Are men obsessed with blondes because that is mostly what are in the men’s magazine? Do men even care that the pictures are photo shopped, alter or modify to create these “perfect” images for their viewing pleasure? Is that why there is a rise in plastic surgery because women feel that they have to be perfect like these photo shopped women? What form’s a young man’s or young woman’s concept of beauty? Are magazines to blame for their unrealistic perception of beauty?

For those of you interested in seeing the photos of the sexiest women in “Men’s Health” here is the link: Men’s Health Magazine

If you want to see some samples of pictures of celebrities and models before and after photoshop, go to:

Takorea Restaurant


Takorea, located at 818 Juniper St NE, Atlanta was the second Korean restaurant I ate at when I was in Georgia at the beginning of August. Since I’m not an expert on Korean food, I can’t tell you if it is authentic or not.Personally, I think it was more like American and Korean fusion food. One thing I really like about it is the decor. Strangely the decor had a more Moroccan or Meditarian feel than a Korean restaurant because of the lights, gauzy curtains and color.

korean bbq

For appetizers, we decided on some some Banchan. It was not as tasty as the veggies from the Korean restaurant in Korea town.

korean veggies

I decided to order the pork belly entree which was served with rice and veggies. It was $12 and the portion was pretty big and filling. The pork was really tasty and the veggies was good.


My final judgement: food was descent, service was good, and the ambiance of the place was nice.

Korean Food


One of my favorite things to do is trying new restaurants when I am out of town. Recently, on my trip to to Atlanta, my friend and daughter and I went to a Korean restaurant in Korea town. I totally forgot the name of the restaurant but for roughly $15 you can get a variety of veggies, the main dish and tea. The ambiance of the place was pretty cool and relaxing. The inside of the restaurant was surprising rustic but you couldn’t tell from looking at the outside of it.


By the time my main dish came I was already stuffed. I ordered the BulGoGi as my main dish but I also decided to try cold soybean soup. I have to say, I don’t know how to feel about it. I didn’t love it or hate it. It was just weird because it took me at least 15 minutes trying to figure out what it tasted like or what food it was comparable to. This soup really stomped me because it was unlike anything I had ever tasted.


Overall, it was a very good experience. I like the fried fish we had as part of the appetizer. I tasted my daughter’s bowl and my friend’s hot soup too and they were delicious. It was a lot of food for the price. I like how the food was brought in carts like a dim sum place. My daughter who likes Americanized food actually enjoyed it as well which is surprising since she is a picky eater.


The little crispy fish we ate with rice as an appetizer.


The hot soup my friend had instead of the cold soybean soup I had.


My daughter’s veggie bowl. She actually liked the veggies and noodles.

This restaurant really reminded me of my childhood and teenage years living at home where my mom would make a variety of dishes for every dinner. It was a nostalgic experience. I think every meal that is spent with our friends and family are the best because everything just taste better with good company. Sometimes it’s our friends and family who enhances the experience. A shared meal with loved ones is priceless.

How to make a woman happy


When it comes to making a woman happy, it is so simple that I don’t understand why some men still say that they don’t understand what a woman wants. If a man is interested in pleasing a woman he should: make her feel loved, desired, and accepted and she will pretty much do what you want. Don’t put a condition on these three things like, ” I love you but, or I think you hot but or I accept you the way you are but…” Don’t ever use that conjunction “but” when you are telling a woman those things because then you are making your love conditional. Most of the woman I have talked to say that they left their husband or cheated because they did not feel loved, desired or accepted by their man. For example, “Mary” a 53 year old divorcee I met in the summer told me that when she was married to her husband of 19 years, he never made her feel beautiful or appreciated. She said she never remember him telling her she looked pretty or nice or that he even noticed when she dressed up. As a result, the last three years of their marriage, she slept on the couch and didn’t want to have sex with him because he didn’t make her feel loved or desired. After she divorced him she had a hot love affair with a 26 year old who made her feel beautiful and desired even though she was a little overweight. Because of the attention he was giving her when she was overweight she wanted to look good for him and started exercising and taking better care of herself. She said, ” I couldn’t believe this hot young guy was telling me he thought I was beautiful and actually showed me every time he touched me. He didn’t care about my weight. He made me feel desired for the first time in my life. At first I thought he was faking it but then I realize that there were some men out there who really didn’t care about my size.”

Mary is not the only woman who have told me that they are willing to do anything for men who made them feel loved and desired. Another lady who is having an affair said, ” I got tired of telling my husband what I wanted. After so many years of being ignored and emotionally neglected, I stop trying to get his attention. Instead I gave in to a man who is not afraid to tell me he loved me or desired me or want to be with me. I know it’s wrong but I can’t help myself. Life is too short to not live it the way we want.”

Words are very powerful. Telling a woman she is beautiful and making her feel it can make a difference. Most woman knows when a man is lying by the way he expresses his feelings about her and by the way he touches her. So don’t fake it. We are not stupid. A man can make a woman and keep a woman happy when he shows her he loves, desires and accepts her unconditionally.

Love don’t live here anymore


Love don’t live here anymore
I don’t know when the coldness crept in
Was it you or was it me, that opened the door?
It doesn’t matter now, but back then,
We couldn’t get enough of each other,
Where our love used to warm this bed,
but now we both have given it to another.

We could waste each other’s time
And play the classic blame game
But we both know we have crossed the line
And nothing we say or do will be the same
Sadly, we continue to lie here to play this charade.

Love is blind


I wrote this poem about a week or two ago in the middle of the night because I couldn’t sleep.Today when I was watching the show, “Scandal” I thought about how this poem is fitting for the episode I was watching which is about forbidden love. I call any relationship with a taken or married person, forbidden love according to the rules or norm of society. In the episode, one of the main character said something along the line of,” I was a coward not to wait for you to come along.” He is basically telling her that she is his soul mate and he regretted not “waiting” for her. He in a sense has given up on his dream girl because he didn’t think she existed. After he is married and has kids, his soul mate shows up but he is obligated to stay in his relationship. What would you do if you found your “soul mate” but they were already taken? How long would you wait for the right person? Do people settle for the next best thing because they think they will never find their ideal mate? I think as we get older and wiser, this matter of love gets more complicated and not easier. It’s not a simple matter of black or white, right or wrong. I wrote this poem to express the complication of love.

Love is blind
to reason
to morals
to time,
to anything except bringing two lost soul mates together.

Love is magical
it’s the one beautiful illusion we all fall for,
where there’s no room for logic or reason
just emotions, connections, and passion
consuming us like wildfire coursing through our veins.

Love is what we pray for, live for,
fight for, and die for.
It is the fairytale we secretly believe in.